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It Must Be Finished: Making Sense of the Return of Jesus

  • By: Whitefield, Samuel
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For many believers, the return of Jesus is a subject that seems confusing. When they hear someone speak about the end times, they can feel as if they’ve shown up for the last ten minutes of a movie without getting to see the first hour and a half. The end of a story always contains surprises, but it’s the logical conclusion to the story.

The key to understanding the end times is found in connecting the main themes of the end times to the overall redemptive story. Grasping these key points helps us make sense of the main themes of the end times.

Biblically speaking, the cross did not fulfill all the promises of God—it secured them. Tragically, we have neglected much of what the Bible says about the fulfillment of God’s promises. However, the full magnitude of what the cross accomplished is revealed in both what was fulfilled when Jesus died and what will be fulfilled in the events we refer to as the “end times.” 

God has staked His honor on His ability to fulfill specific promises, and the plan of redemption is not completed until these promises are fulfilled. The atonement was finished at the cross, but there is more to the story. It must be finished.


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