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Stephen Beauchamp

Isaiah 61:1 Anointing: Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance


CD Series
The anointing of the Holy Spirit is the power of God to operate in many avenues of ministry, including spiritual deliverance. This series of teachings offers practical ways to minister in the area of deliverance, and exposes how the enemy develops strongholds in peoples' lives. Each teaching covers a specific stronghold and how to break the power of that stronghold. Topics include the spirit of fear, heaviness, haughtiness, infirmity, bondage, and perversion. This training willl impart an increase of spiritual understanding and discernment in the ministry of spiritual warfare and deliverance. Stephen Beauchamp is a graduate of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, and is currently serving on full-time staff at IHOP-KC. He is the head of deliverance ministry and is an instructor at International House of Prayer University.

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