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Benji Nolot

Human Trafficking: The Battlefront of the 21st Century (CD Series)


Over 400 years ago the transatlantic slave trade emerged as Africans were forcibly taken from their land and exported all over the world for the purpose of forced labor. It is hard to imagine anything as brutal as what occurred during that time. Entire nations and economies were built on the backs of slaves. What is shocking however is that in our modern-day civilized society, slavery has once again emerged with a brutality that rivals anything in history. In fact, the scope and gravity of this issue is utterly staggering. Conservative estimates project that there are 27-30 million slaves on the earth right now. One of the most appalling aspects of today's slavery is the fact that 70-80% are sex slaves. We are seeing entire economies fueled by the sexual exploitation of women and children. One author called this the human rights issue of the 21st century. In this 2-part series, Benji Nolot argues that we can no longer continue to talk about slavery as a relic of the past; it is time for us to recognize that slavery is a major battlefront facing our generation. Benji Nolot is the founder and director of Exodus Cry, a ministry devoted to ending modern-day slavery. He lives in Kansas City with his wife Lauren and son Judah. He has been on staff at the International House of Prayer since 2003 working as a full-time intercessor, leader and teacher. His greatest passion in life is to love God and see His creation set free from the tyranny of oppression.

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