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How To Disciple Men

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How to Disciple Men (Short and Sweet) is the ultimate, practical resource for anyone who ministers to men. It’s short, practical, stand-alone chapters address top challenges and opportunities, and share ministry strategies and essentials that will lead to a successful outreach to men in your church and community.Each chapter includes keen insights and wisdom gained from years of experiences, including how to:Grow and sustain a successful men’s ministryMinister to men in crisisTeach the male brainMarket effectively for successful men’s eventsMentor effectively and set up practical, authentic accountabilityFind, recruit, equip, and empower male leadersThis resource will help men’s ministry leaders expand and improve their outreach as they hear the wisdom, resources, and experience of seasoned leader like Josh McDowell, Kenny Luck, David Morrow, Tierce Green, Jim Grassi, and more.

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