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Holiness and Healing

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  • By: Bohi, Dan
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Candid Conversations about Ministry Essentials Dan Bohi and Dr. Rob McCorkle believe that the gospel is not a benign creed void of supernatural power, and neither do they believe it's incapable of fully redeeming the human heart from all sin. Their belief inspired a three hour interview where Dan candidly shared his personal journey that has included a wide range of ministry experiences. With honesty and humility they discussed: - God's calls to ordinary people to do extraordinary things - Miraculous stories, divine encounters and supernatural manifestations - The place for God-called apostles and prophets in the Holiness movement - The ministries of healing and impartation - Hindrances to revival and how to sustain a kingdom culture This book will inspire you and challenge your traditional thinking with profound biblical insights, and hopefully cause you to live and teach a message of holiness and healing. Dan Bohi is an itinerant minister with a mission to awaken the Church of Jesus Christ to the power, purity, and freedom of the Spirit-filled life found, realized, experienced and exhibited in the lives of believers in the book of Acts. Dan and Debbie have four married children and thirteen grandchildren. Rob McCorkle is the Founder of Fire School Ministries whose mission is to redig the wells in the Holiness movement by reawakening the message of purity and power. Along with pastoring in Columbus, Ohio, he travels speaking in churches and conferences. Rob and Cindy have two married children and two grandchildren.

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