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He Walks Amongst the Lamp Stands

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The 4th in the series of “Hands & Feet of Jesus.”

By: Megan Leigh Kasper ~ Inspired Art

Revelation 1:12&15

Before I began this painting {which took 9 months to complete) I had this vision of seeing within the lampstands that there were people as the coals. They were ignited by the touch of His hand bringing forth praise & burning passion for the son of man.

Jesus, He walks among them & I saw Him in the river because how the verse says, “His voice was like the mighty rushing waters.” It represents His voice but also the river that flows from the throne. He is fire, He is Water, He is Royalty supreme & I just felt how He wants to be in the midst of His people, in the midst of His worshipers. Holding them in His hands of love & igniting us once again with His fire of sacrifice.

Acrylic on Canvas

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