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He Holds the Keys

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He Holds the Keys

{Revelation 1:18} 

1st in the series; The Hands & Feet Of Jesus

By: Megan Leigh Kasper ~ Inspired Art

Painted in the Global Prayer Room, IHOPKC

Easter Sunday 2014, I had this deep longing in me to do an art piece for & of our victorious Jesus. Having the whole day I spent it outside with my sketchpad & pencils wanting to honor what that day represented, why we celebrated. Finally I was inspired & He Holds the Keys began to take form. I just saw myself there after he rose from the grave, not able to look into his glowing face, only able to look down. Yet what could be seen there were his beautiful, nail marked feet. Then he extends his beautiful, nail marked hand holding the Keys of Hades & says, “I brought these for you, they are yours now to be free & with me forever.”

Acrylic on Canvas


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