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Harry and Eddie: The Friendship that Changed the World

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Author, Beverly Joan Boulware invites children and adults alike to enjoy learning about the lives of Harry Truman and Eddie Jacobson. As men from Missouri the “show me” state, they struggled with decisions, persevered through difficult times and were loyal to God, their country, their family and their friends.In Harry and Eddie, you will find two men who valued keeping their word to one another. Both of them understood the importance of working together for the benefit of others. In the process they had a good time. When misunderstanding occurred during Harry Truman’s time as President of the United States, Eddie was able to believe in Harry because he always kept his word.The worth of true friendships cannot be measured. Relationships that span a lifetime are built on trust. In Harry and Eddie: The Friendship that Changed the World the crucial decisions that were made by both men affected the landscape of the world as we know it today.This book is all about encouraging people through the examples of Harry and Eddie to step up to the plate in situations where they can make a difference. Friendship is key because most things are not done alone but involve cooperation and trust.

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