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Going Deeper: 40-Week Discipleship Guide to Encountering Jesus

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  • By: Mootz, Jeff
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Wanting to disciple or be discipled in deep prayer? Long for more intimacy with God?

Very few discipleship books go deep on the topic of friendship with God in prayer, but in Going Deeper, you will focus entirely on going deeper in prayer, experiencing God, and discovering what it feels like to live from a spiritual overflow.

Designed for 1-on-1 discipleship, Going Deeper is a 40-week discipleship workbook that will take you on a slow, step-by-step journey into a deeper experience of God through prayer and the Bible. Complete with weekly readings, practical prayer assignments, and detailed guidance for mentors, you will be inspired and equipped to encounter God through 1-2 hours of daily prayer. For extra help, there is an optional video course of over 80 teaching and demonstration videos (prayerdiscipleship.com).

With over 16 years of experience in full-time prayer ministry, pastoring, and discipleship, author Jeff Mootz offers a wealth of experience, tools, and biblical understanding that will help you cultivate a deep friendship with God.

Whether you use this for 1-on-1 discipleship, a small group, a church discipleship program, or individual use, you will:

  1. Experience consistent personal testimonies of intimacy with God
  2. Grow in longing for God
  3. Learn how to design a weekly Bible and prayer schedule that's led by the Spirit
  4. Experience rhythm and depth in core prayer expressions
  5. Learn Biblical methods of pursuing freedom from sins and lies
  6. Develop clear plans to grow in your gifting
  7. Be equipped to confidently disciple others into an encounter lifestyle
  8. Experience an accountability model you can use with future small groups

Going Deeper is structured around eight different prayer expression, each lasting four to eight weeks. With this structure, there is enough time to learn about each prayer expression, practice them, and get a rhythm in them before moving onto the next module focus. Module topics include:

  1. Spiritual Planning
  2. Friendship with God
  3. Biblical Meditation
  4. Praying in Tongues
  5. Deliverance and Freedom
  6. Bible Study
  7. God's Throne Room
  8. How to Fast

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