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God on Campus: Sacred Causes & Global Effects

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There was a time when Harvard was considered a holy place and Princeton trained preachers, when students and professors could not help but pray because certain questions could only be answered by an intellect greater than their own. There was a time when students defied the status quo of their generation and engaged in sacrificial service that reshaped society and transformed culture. God on Campus traces the remarkable legacy of spiritual awakening that stretches from the founding of the earliest colleges in the United States to a global movement of non-stop student prayer spreading across campuses today. Author Trent Sheppard writes, "It tells the stories of ordinary people like you and me—bold and timid, brilliant and insecure, disillusioned and dangerous, ambitious and naíve, holy and fallen, fearless and afraid—people who prayed, people who conspired together with their friends in faith and action, people who actually believed their lives could help shape the unfolding narrative of history. Culminating in the Campus America movement to mobilize prayer on evey college and university campus in the United States, God on Campus is an invitation for students to find their place in the story of God today. A great book for parents to give to kids as they prepare to go off to college. It will encourage them to be involved, to pray and to dedicate that time to God's work in history.
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