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Glad Heart Series for Ages 1-2 Quarter 1: Who Is God?


The Glad Heart Series for ages 1-2 employs visual and tactile materials and songs set to familiar tunes to capture the attention of young children and teach them God’s Word.  The same material is presented each week for 13 weeks, as very young children need repetition and review to master new vocabulary words and ideas.  Craft templates and instructions are provided for creating a unique craft each week, which reinforces the objectives of the lesson.


Quarter 1: Who is God? introduces children to God the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit through the seven days of creation from Genesis 1 and 2.  Because the lesson teaches on objects the children see in their everyday environment (such as the sky, sun, moon, stars, animals, water, etc.), the children will identify with the content and apply the lesson personally.  Children will gain understanding that God is good, there is purpose in His creation, and they are valuable to Him. 



A.            Physical

1.              Sensory – the curriculum employs the use of all five senses through three-dimensional visuals. 

2.              Self-control and sitting still - as they sit at a table for a 20-minute period during the lesson while visuals and songs keep their attention. 

3.              New words  - about their every day environment, including words like light, dark, sun, moon, stars, land, and animal noises.

4.              Fine motor skills/Coordination – each lesson has a craft designed specifically for this age group

B.             Emotional

1.              Confidence, identity, purpose, and a sense of belonging - as they learn they are sons and daughters of God, special and created by Him. 

2.              Learning about Jesus from God’s Word is fun and safe - as they learn from an adult they trust.

C.             Social

1.              Develop a foundation of appreciation for God’s creation and the dignity of human life.

2.              Nurturing relationship develops between adults and the children, in which the children learn that adults teach them good things about God.


D.            God 

1.              God is their Father and Creator

2.              God does everything with a purpose

3.              God does everything good

E.             Jesus

1.              Jesus, the Son of God, was present in the beginning

2.              Jesus loves them

F.             Holy Spirit

1.              Holy Spirit is God

2.              He was involved in creation, hovering over the face of the deep

G.            Church

1.              Church is a safe and fun place to learn about God and Jesus

2.              Church is a place to see friends and sing songs 


H.            Genesis 1 and 2

I.               Psalm 139: 17, 18

IV.           SKILL GOALS: COL 1:9-11 

J.              Prayer – understanding their relationship with Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit creates a foundation for dialogue with God

K.            Worship – spontaneous worship results as children learn the curriculum’s songs and gain an understanding of God’s connection to the environment in which they live


L.             About their Parents and Siblings - God gave them parents and families, and they should obey their parents

M.           About their Peers/Others – Sharing and taking turns as they manipulate the visuals and make crafts together

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