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Glad To Forgive

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Having spent most of my life studying and preaching about the emotions of God, I continue to be amazed at the depth of God's love that is reflected in His forgiveness. I am stunned even more that God has chosen to put His heart of forgiveness in weak and frail human beings so that we have not only a command to forgive, but also the capacity to forgive. We are called to forgive as He has forgiven. And not only that, but He has given us the gift of being able to receive blessing from the act of forgiving others. We don't forgive just because we have to; we can actually find joy in forgiving those who have offended or hurt us. Tom captures the heart of God for forgiveness in this book, helping the reader understand exactly what the Bible says about how to forgive. As we approach the end of the age, every Christian will be pushed to forgive an ever-growing number of injustices and persecutions. This book provides the biblical tools necessary to forgive others with the same joy as God forgives us. I am happy to recommend Tom's contribution to this life-giving subject. — Bickle, International House of Prayer of Kansas City ""When you read this book, you're getting Tom Mills at his best. His practical and systematic teaching style is both inspirational and enlightening. An invaluable read."" — Sorge, author Tom and his wife, Debbie, are currently living in the Kansas City, Missouri, area and serving on the staff of the International House of Prayer where Tom teaches in the Biblical Studies program at the Forerunner School of Ministry. Prior to moving to Kansas City, Tom served for more than twenty-five years as a pastor in the United Methodist Church in Texas. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

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