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Album Track List
  1. Awake My Soul - Sammie Lee [feat. Odeta]
  2. Fingerprints - Abi Bennett
  3. Heart’s Celebration - Laura Hackett Park
  4. Loved By You (Spontaneous) - Laura Hackett Park  
  5. Fill Us With Glory - Jaye Thomas  
  6. Drawing Close - Brandon Oaks  
  7. Grateful Love - Jonas Park [feat. Laura Hackett Park]
  8. Forevermore - David Forlu [feat. Odeta]
  9. Torches - Lauren Alexandria
  10. All I Need - Olivia Buckles
  11. How Awesome Are Your Works - Laura Hackett Park [feat. Jon Thurlow]
  12. Jesus My Brother - Chris Tofilon
  13. Come Now Joy - Justin Rizzo
  14. Freedom Song - Lauren Alexandria [feat. Laura Hackett Park, David Forlu]
  15. I Have Decided - Jaye Thomas


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