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Fruit of the Spirit

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  • By: Holmes, Margo
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Helping your child understand the fruit of the Spirit through the life of Jesus.

In this 30-page, full-color book, your child will understand the fruit of the Spirit. Many children's books have been written on this wonderful subject. However, this presentation is from a different and unique perspective.

First, your child will learn the fruit of the Spirit: the nine different aspects of the character of God expressed by the Holy Spirit in the lives of God's people. Second, these characteristics will be identified in the life of the Lord Jesus. By sharing situations when the Son of God manifested love, joy, peace and other fruit of the Spirit, your child will be encouraged to develop the same traits. So stories about the Lord Jesus will be a major emphasis.

This, and the other books in this series, are a powerful way for you and your child to connect as you discuss the things of God.

Questions will be answered like:

What are the nine fruit of the Spirit?
What are some of the ways Jesus manifested the fruit of God's Spirit?
How do I grow that same fruit in me?
If God's Spirit lives in me, what is the first fruit that should be evident to others?

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