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From Patmos

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The musical-style production "From Patmos" is a journey back in time with the Apostle John, as he recounts firsthand experiences from his life with Jesus. Left to live out his final days in a remote island prison, the Apostle John has spent countless lonely days and nights looking back on a lifetime of memories. He continually relives in his mind the years he spent walking and talking with Jesus and his friends in the land of Israel.

Then, on a seemingly ordinary night in his prison cell, John's memories are unexpectedly interrupted when Jesus suddenly appears before him. This time their destination is Heaven, where John receives the visions that will become the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. This awe-inspiring heavenly encounter shifts the apostle's focus from reviewing the events of his past to marveling at those of a glorious future and worshiping Jesus on His throne.

Features Matt Gilman and others!

Track List:

1. Intro

2. I Remember

3. To Bethlehem

4. Lightning Falling

5. Where Is the Coming of the Messiah

6. It's Time

7. It's a Miracle

8. I Never Knew

9. Jesus in the Garden

10. Forsaken

11. The Firstborn

12. Come Up Here

13. Finale

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