Hood, Allen

Foundations for Healthy Church Culture


In a time when the church is fragmented into thousands of denominations, it is hard to discuss healthy church culture. How does God expect His church to live?  By the grace of God, He didn't leave us to wonder.  In 1 Timothy 2, Paul writes to Timothy about what behavior is pleasing and acceptable in God's sight.  Paul exhorts us to be people of prayer, civility, and mercy. 

In this series, Allen Hood breaks down Paul's exhortation for what the church should look like in a personable and applicable way that reveals his counsel as more than just a list of rules, but an opportunity to encounter God in a new way.

4 part series from 2017

  1. The Praying Church
  2. The Civil Church
  3. The Merciful Church, Part 1
  4. The Merciful Church, Part 2


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