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Father, I Desire: The Gift I Give My Son

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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Do you know that you are another man’s inheritance? “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” yet above all the angels or all of creation, Jesus had to have one thing. The One called the “Desire of All Nations” has one desire above all others—you. Mike weaves his life verse, John 17:26, with Psalm 2 as he lays out a biblical foundation of truth for our lives. We have an inheritance in Jesus but Jesus also has an inheritance in us. For Jesus, seeing the hidden treasure of your life, went and sold all that He had for the joy of your life. Like the treasure in the field (Mt. 13:24), you are His inheritance! But how does this become a truth that transforms us, rather than simply an interesting theology? It takes the Father revealing Jesus to the human spirit for us to begin this adventure. It is by beholding that we become. This series will teach you how to find the utmost joy in the knowledge of God. As John Piper so eloquently pens: “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.” May your journey begin, and may it begin with this reality: Father, I desire.

2-Part series from 2005 by Mike Bickle

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