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Explore God's Heart for Israel: Discover Israel's Importance for the End Times

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  • By: Williams, Gaylyn
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What if your prayers for Israel could hasten the Lord’s return?
Do you know what is on God’s heart?

When we are in love, we long to know the heart of our beloved. Similarly, to grow in our relationship with God, we must understand what is on His heart. What does He care about most? What makes Him happy or sad?

God’s Heart for Israel is a collection of three books, all of which examine what God is most passionate about, with a focus on his passion for Israel: Explore God’s Heart for Relationships, Explore God’s Heart for The Return of Christ and Explore God’s Heart for Keeping His Word.

Bible studies and prayer guides invite you to share in God’s great passion for Israel—and learn how you can play a part in His plans for the end times.

For example, did you know that Aliyah—Jewish people returning to live in Israel—is a precursor to Christ’s return? This movement is already underway—but there’s much more to happen, and God has a part for you to play.

This life-changing book will leave you challenged and empowered to encounter the Father heart of God.
Dean Bye, Founding Director of Return Ministries

This book is timely and significant as we are invited into one of the greatest movements of God in history.
Debbie Kellogg, Founder and Director of Cyrus Foundation

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