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Esther: A 10 Week Bible Study

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  • By: Hibbs, Darren
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Esther is one of the most amazing stories of the power, providence and participation of God in the lives of His creation. The book chronicles the rise of two exiled Jews, Esther and Mordecai, from their lives of obscurity to the highest ranks of power in the greatest empire the world had ever known. Slated for annihilation, God comes through in the most amazing and unthinkable ways to save His people.

Esther will give you greater faith to believe that God can and will come through for you in your hour of need when your heart is fully His.

About the 10 Week Bible Study

With a growing community of people listening daily to the 10 Week Bible Study Podcast and over two million downloads, this is the study that tens of thousands have already proven works!

The 10 Week Bible Study encourages every participant to read the book of the Bible being studied ten times in ten weeks. With thought-provoking questions (not just fill in the blanks!), detailed background information and insightful commentary, The 10 Week Bible Study will transform your group or personal study of God’s Word.

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