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Mike Bickle

End Times Studies in the Book of Daniel (CD Series)


The Lord is raising up forerunner messengers who will give others understanding of God’s purpose and plan to expose the deceptive strategies of the enemy. Understanding the truth is essential in equipping God’s people, so that they are not deceived, confused, offended, fearful, or seduced by sin in the midst of the unique dynamics that will occur in the generation in which the Lord returns. rather, the Lord’s people are to walk in clarity, peace, gratitude, confidence, and holy love.

In this 14-session series, Mike looks at Daniel 7-12, exploring the significance and meaning of Daniel’s dreams in his own day, and then looking ahead to explain how these dreams foreshadow end-time events such as the abomination of desolation, the revealing of the Antichrist, and the Great Tribulation.

What happens in the spirit realm when we pray? the book of Daniel gives us valuable insight into the answer to this question, drawing back the veil to reveal what happens in the spirit realm.

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