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Empty Rooms

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  • By: Rizzo, Justin
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The need for solitude and silence has never been greater, but our prioritization of these lost arts appears to be at an all-time low.

Our fast-paced, media-driven culture provokes envy for what looks like success in the lives of others—from singers, athletes, and entertainers, to speakers, leaders, and put-together social media influencers, all of whom seem to highlight how mundane our own lives feel. The fact is that many of us resent empty rooms, barren seasons, and dry places, where it seems that nothing we do is making an impact.

In this book, Justin Rizzo presents a much-needed paradigm shift that will have you thanking God for the hidden places in your life. Solitude and silence are not burdens to endure, but gifts to embrace—gifts you will never receive in a crowd, but will only discover in quiet places with God.

This timely and insightful book will awaken excitement in your heart for the secret places in your life as you discover that they are full of potential, purpose, and most importantly, His presence.


"The truths Justin unpacks in the pages of this book give biblical credence and earthly validation to a life of sacrifice, devotion, and wholehearted love." —JOHN AND STASI ELDREDGE, New York Times best-selling authors

"Empty Rooms is a divine invitation into deeper communion with Jesus."—MISTY EDWARDS, worship leader

"When a man spends thousands of hours worshiping God in a room full of empty chairs, that is a man with a real heart after God... and a man who has something to say about true worship. I pray this book challenges worship leaders to look inside and ask the question, “Would I still sing praises to Jesus if the room was empty?” —JESSE REEVES, songwriter

“Justin writes with authority because he has learned these truths through years of personal experience.” —MIKE BICKLE, director, International House of Prayer

"If you know the legacy of Justin Rizzo’s music, you know the honest reach of his heart. Now the artist has painted with another brush. In his book Empty Rooms, Justin gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the God encounters that have sustained his heart over the years." —MIKE AND ANNE RIZZO, authors

"Many write about what they’ve lived for a flash of a moment. Justin writes what he’s learned from his adult lifetime of living. ” —SARA HAGERTY, best selling author of Adore and Unseen

"Justin is writing about something he has personally and deeply touched, and he offers timeless wisdom for anyone wanting to experience the heart of God in their own “empty rooms.” —JON THURLOW, worship leader

"Justin has found the secret to sustaining worship—the audience of One." —LAURA HACKETT PARK, worship leader

"Justin Rizzo helps us identify seemingly empty places as doorways where God wants to meet with us." —BOB SORGE, author

"Empty Rooms is the book for a time like this. I wholeheartedly endorse the author and the message and believe this will be a game-changer for all who read it and take it seriously." —COREY RUSSELL, author

"If there was a book that speaks to our cultural moment, this is it." —DAVID BRYMER, worship leader

"Empty Rooms is a challenge and a must-read for everyone who bears the name of Christ." —JAYE THOMAS, worship leader

"Justin carries the heart of a true shepherd who has walked out a life surrendered to Jesus in the secret place, and he has made available to us the true treasures found there. —ALLEN HOOD, Director of Excellencies of Christ Ministries

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