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Digging the Wells of Revival: The Call to Prayer and Preparation for the Next Great Awakening

  • By: Engle, Lou
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“This book will challenge you to lay ahold of God at a whole new level.” - John Arnott, founder of Catch the Fire Toronto
You are destined to bring revival!
The same God who invaded the upper room on Pentecost, revived a nation during America’s Great Awakenings, saved 100,000 souls in the Welsh Revival, and released supernatural power into the church at the Azusa Street Revival desires to pour out His Spirit on this generation.
In Digging the Wells of Revival, internationally respected prayer leader, Lou Engle, explains how historic revivals have built up a treasury of blessings in Heaven. Today, the vaults of Heaven are bursting with these revival investments. The divine floodgates are poised to overflow with revival power into our world!
This is your opportunity to take your place as a spiritual heir of these stored-up blessings. Discover how you can make revival history!
Lou Engle will teach you how to…

  • Tap into ancient sources of anointing that are yours as an inheritor of revival.

  • Unlock prophetic destiny for your family, children, church and region.

  • Activate the atomic power of God through prayer and fasting.

  • Contend for the next Great Awakening through prophetic intercession

  • and travail.

  • Shift your nation toward blessing and away from judgment.

This is your invitation! Take hold of the riches of Heaven and watch God do a mighty work in this generation!

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