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Destiny of the End-Times Chinese

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  • By: Tsai (Jisi), Nicole
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We live in tumultuous and unprecedented times.

Clear indications from Scripture and world events show us that the return of Jesus is near. Amid the confusion of a world in turmoil, God has prepared a people who have been purified for generations, ready for "such a time as this" as we move into the future.

With a scholar's grasp of history and passionate, prophetic clarity, Nicole Jisi leads us through a riveting, exhilarating-and sometimes heartbreaking-account of the history of the body of Christ in Chinese history. Recounting past great moves of God, she gives us stories of people humble but mighty in faith, willing to lay down their lives for the sake of the gospel.

Chinese believers have a unique role to play in the great upcoming harvest for the Kingdom of God, and they are a key component in the fulfillment of the end-times promise of the restoration of his people Israel, and the coming reunion of the sons of Abraham.

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