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Calev Michael Myers

Crucial Alliance: African-Americans, Jews, and the Middle East Conundrum


Chutzpah—a word with many meanings. For the nation of Israel, it denotes the fortitude and courage to create a thriving society in the midst of the greatest intolerance. Chutzpah has comparable connotations for the African American community, as recent events show that racial tension in America remains a very real threat to the lives of African Americans. Every day, activists and advocates fight for freedom and civil rights. As Calev Myers reveals in Crucial Alliance, this response bears striking similarities to the Jewish community’s efforts against anti-Semitism and violence. This intensely well-researched book outlines the parallels between these two peoples that trace back hundreds of years. From Jewish lawyers fighting racist laws to Dr. Martin Luther King’s advice on an African American–Jewish alliance, Myers stresses the important mutual support and collective activism between these two communities throughout history. Broadening the perspective to Israel and its enemies, Myers argues that ideologies like radical Islam are as hateful and deceitful as the KKK and other violent, racist terror groups. We can’t stop now. Crucial Alliance calls for a strengthening of the bonds between the African American community and Israel in their shared fight against agents of hate and intolerance.

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