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Conversation Starters with God Journal

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  • By: Gierach, Gloria
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The Conversation Starters with God Journal has 375 relationship building questions specifically designed for the Christian to communicate with his/her God in a journal format.

  • Powerful tool for improving your connection with and growing closer to God. The questions inspire you to discover, examine, understand, heal and be empowered to walk in your destiny.

  • Unique question spark interaction between you and God. These discussions with God will warm your heart, stimulate your soul and inspire life lessons.

  • Improve your time with God and Take your faith to the next level. Grow deeper and stronger in your relationship with God.

  • Great for journaling your time with God by providing a format to practice hearing God speak to you.

3 Categories of questions:

  • God Discovery = Who is God and how do I interact with Him.

    • What is an aspect of Your character that I don’t know yet?

    • Jesus, the Bible says You are praying for me (John 8:34). What are you praying for me right now?

  • Wholeness Discovery = Seeking personal wholeness by working with God through relationship struggles, and personal issues and hindrances.

    • Is there someone I need to forgive?

    • How can I love my family better?

  • Self Discovery = Who am I and what is my calling/destiny?

    • Is there a gift/talent in me that I have not tapped into fully?

    • What dream did I lay down that I need to pick back up again?

Perfect gift for:


    • The person looking to go deeper in their relationship with God

    • Anyone struggling to connect with God.

    • Church leaders and youth leaders

    • Those who want to try something new to ignite their connection with God.

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