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CO: Powerful Partnerships In Marriage

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Believing that supernatural marriages are a sign and a wonder in the world today, Dr. Dan and Linda Wilson have dedicated their lives to drawing couples into this Holy Spirit-driven type of intimacy. Happily married for 30+ years, Dan and Linda are the co-founders of Supernatural Marriage Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas. In their book CO - Powerful Partnerships in Marriage, they have brought together true life stories of couples that have learned through experience how to work together for the same goal. This book will help you walk out your life with the companion that God has sent you in a more fulfilling way. It features chapters from the following contributors: Dr. Paul & Teri Loone, Dr. Che & Sue Ahn, Steve & Marci Fish, Joshua & Janet Angela Mills, Bart & Kim Hadaway, Robert & Katie Souza. Dr. Dan and Linda's passion is to see couples CO-love, CO-honor, CO-labor and CO-enjoy the fullness of all Christ has called them to be and do. This book, with the variety of authors who have contributed to the content, will release vision, hope, encouragement and impartation. Couples of the past and present draw back the curtains, revealing different aspects of their marriages where they have tapped into the power of CO-. As co-heirs they walk together in power and confidence toward their destinies. You too, can live a life of fulfillment with supernatural blessings in your marriage, family and zone of influence. Come and discover the richness of CO-! CO- Powerful Partnerships in Marriage is not just another book about marriage. It's a tour guide that can open up a supernatural vortex over our holy relationships. You will be inspired as a couple to be all that you can be in Christ Jesus.
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