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Mike Bickle

Bridal Theology in the New Testament (MP3 Series)


This nine-part teaching explores the biblical principle that Jesus is our Bridegroom God. Mike describes the lovesick emotions Christ has for His Church, and how we can touch this aspect of Godís nature. Teaching from the New Testament, Mike explains the importance of hearing the voice of the Bridegroom, understanding the parable of getting the oil of intimacy, fasting for the Bridegroom, and the bridal revelation in spiritual warfare. He not only explains the importance of knowing Jesus as the Bridegroom, but also the need for believers to gain their identity as the Bride of Christ. Messages include: * Introducing the Bridegroom God in the New Testament * The Bridegroom God and Fasting in the New Testament * The Bridal Paradigm of the Kingdom * Oil of Intimacy: Encountering the Bridegroom God, Part 1 * Oil of Intimacy: Encountering the Bridegroom God, Part 2 * Oil of Intimacy: Missed Opportunities in God * Bridal Revelation and Spiritual Warfare * Overview of New Testament Bridal Theology * Love: The Ultimate Weapon of Our Warfare

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