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Black Self-Genocide: What Black Lives Matter Won't Say

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  • By: Boone, Wellington
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In Black Self-Genocide: What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say, internationally respected Black pastor and author Bishop Wellington Boone challenges Blacks—and especially Black men—to take responsibility for their behavior, broken families, and unsafe communities. He sensitively portrays the historical reasons for Black self-genocide but tells them that they can change everything if they humble themselves and return to Jesus Christ and the lifestyle of godly men that he has preached and seen succeed for more than 40 years. Then they can return to the days when Black lives mattered to Blacks themselves. 

This book is filled with historical examples of Black American success stories and presents detailed strategies anchored in the church. The book abounds with affirming Scriptures and prophetic vision for all that Black Americans can become when they return to God and godly leaders become spiritual fathers to young men. Bishop Boone calls pastors and “Street Revs” to come from all over to empower the inner-city churches of America so they can once again serve as achievement hubs for Black Americans. Once again, he proclaims, Black men and women will raise extraordinary children, oversee quality education, start successful businesses, and achieve the highest goals as they become worldwide ambassadors representing America. 

Yes, American history is filled with examples of degradation and injustice suffered by Blacks. Bishop Boone does not shy away from documenting the sad details throughout this book with hundreds of historical footnotes and primary sources. However, he also shows how Blacks once had the character to prevail over their circumstances by taking responsibility and turning to God instead of government. Every chapter glows with positive encouragement and detailed prescriptions for exciting change. Yes, the failures in American history toward Blacks are detailed but not for the purpose of complaining but for provoking us all to national repentance. Then we can restore success stories to Black life and encourage racial reconciliation, celebration, and hope. 

Black Self-Genocide: What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say concludes with an outright challenge to all Christians to stop Planned Parenthood in its tracks. The foundation of this prolific organization is built on the rejection of God and the destruction of the family. Founder Margaret Sanger’s eugenic philosophy shows how this organization promotes what many White people still believe today—that there are two classes of people, superior and inferior, and the inferior class is Black Americans. She also called women to rebel against men, against pastors, and against God. Her challenge to become a “Woman Rebel” eventually resulted in the mass hysteria of feticide—women killing their own babies in the womb. Faith and family are the foundations of every stable society. When you destroy the faith and family of Black Americans, you destroy its stability. However, when the destruction is stopped, the rebuilding process can begin again. 

All Americans can share in the restoration of our cities by uniting as one nation under God. Bishop Boone knows that this recovery is achievable. He has seen it again and again in his churches, college ministries, and international outreach. “We can do it!” he cries. “Wake up!” 

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