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Better Than Nostradamus

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Chapter 1:Now Will You Listen? Suspended U.S. Constitution

Chapter 2:Nostradamus

Chapter 3:A Mirror From The Past

Chapter 4:The History of the Seals

Chapter 5:A Detailed Description of the Meaning of the Seals

Chapter 6:The Palladium

Chapter 7:What is a Freemason? Is Lucifer Satan?

Chapter 8:A Mason Reveals All – the Coup de Grace

Chapter 9:The Mystery Revealed – Secret Teachings

Chapter 10:The Occult Nature of the Seals on the U.S. $1 Bill

Chapter 11:A Strange Phenomena

Chapter 12:The Announcement

Chapter 13:Setting Up the New World Order – Operation Desert Storm

Chapter 14:The Task to Hand – Try Out the Plan

Chapter 15:The Plan – Remove Politicians’ Power and Authority

Chapter 16:The Conditions

Chapter 17:Conditionalities – World-wide Illustrations

Chapter 18:Exporting the Plan

Chapter 19:Full Speed Ahead for Continual Change

Chapter 20:A Matter of Sovereignty

Chapter 21:THe U.S. Role in the New World Order

Chapter 22:Setting the Stage for Strong World Leader

Chapter 23:Who Is He?

Chapter 24:Farewell to Cash – Update

Chapter 25:Global 2000 – What Fun

Chapter 26:Chaos 2000

Chapter 27:The Report from Iron Mountain

Chapter 28:Hi Mother Earth

Chapter 29:Israel – The Geographical Centre

Chapter 30:An Interesting Calculation

Chapter 31:Health, Healing, and Population Control

Chapter 32:Religion Versus Relationship

Chapter 33:Wake Up In Heaven

Chapter 34:Death – The Ultimate Experience

Chapter 35:The Cross – The Invitation

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