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Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

Beautiful Surrender


Beautiful Surrender features 12 new songs by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. The album as a whole speaks to the joy and power we find in surrender to the Father. Worship leaders and songwriters Jonathan & Melissa Helser present their eighth album release with Beautiful Surrender. The album marks their first studio release since joining the Bethel Music Collective in 2014, and the project’s overarching message is a vibrant response to their last album, On the Shores (2012). The husband-and-wife duo both contributed heavily to the writing of the album and the authenticity of their connection permeates each song. Lead vocals alternate across different tracks and careful harmonies decorate each arrangement. The Helser’s tracked the record in Nashville, Tennessee with award-winning producer, Ed Cash, who also co-wrote on several songs. Accompanying the Helser’s with crafted instrumentation are members of their band, The Cageless Birds. These 12 original songs weave an intentional tapestry of the core message behind the project: that the further we walk with Jesus, ‘surrender’ becomes a willful response rather than a heavy task. Just as Jesus lived on the earth with no resistance toward God the Father, these tracks personify surrender with a confident energy; demonstrating that it is not burdensome, but a joyful choice motivated by love. Beautiful Surrender invites worshipers to explore the reality of God’s goodness and respond with fresh passion. // Album Photography by Anna Naphtali.

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