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Bearing Reproach and Responding to Slander

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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Each one of us will be mistreated many times in our lifetime, and the Bible has much to say about how we can thrive in the face of reproach, slander, and adversity.

In this two-part teaching, Mike exhorts believers to trust God's leadership when we are mistreated, and commit our way—and those who mistreat us—to Him. Drawing on the life of King David, Mike teaches how we can deal with anger and resentment in a godly way and keep our hearts in the grace of God through times of relational conflict, knowing that we are called to bless and not curse.

2-Part series from 2014 by Mike Bickle:

01 - Loving Jesus and people in the Face of Reproach and Slander

02 - King David- How to Respond to Mistreatment (1 Sam. 24; 26)

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