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Apostolic Premillennialism

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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Apostolic premillennialism speaks of a view of the end times that reflects the vision, power, and lifestyle of the New Testament church of the apostles; it will equip believers for apostolic or New Testament lifestyles and perspectives in the midst of end-time revival and persecution.

In this message Mike Bickle explains the three common views of the end times as he gives a biblical perspective on Jesus' second coming.  He also gives a brief overview of the end times, including Jesus' millennial kingdom when He will rule from his throne in jerusalem.

Jesus is building a Church that will triumph over the powers of hell (Mt. 18:18). Mike defines the role believers will have at the end of the age, when the Church will be victorious, walking in unity, intimacy with God, and maturity.

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