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All About the Second Coming

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The classic "All Series" books have graced the shelves of pastors, students, and lay people alike for decades. All about the Second Coming continues in the series' tradition of offering a faithful and comprehensive treatment of biblical subjects. Herbert Lockyer opens this work with disturbing words: "The doctrine of the Second Coming is one of the most abused and distorted in the Bible."

To correct these abuses and distortions, he undertakes a detailed study of the book of Revelation. "Let us," he says, "read what the Bible has to say about Christ's coming, taking every reference at its face value." Section by section—sometimes verse by verse—he traces what this mysterious book says about the history of the world from Pentecost to the rapture of the Church, from the Tribulation to the Great White Throne. He sheds light on often-troubling images and descriptions, helping readers feel as if they understand the message of Revelation. An appendix describes the rich significance of the many numbers appearing in Revelation, and the Scripture index aids readers in finding answers to their specific questions.

246 pages

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