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Relient K

Air For Free


The group's ninth studio album will be released on October 21st to retail on Mono vs. Stereo. The project was co-produced by the band's long time producing partner Mark Lee Townsend and features 16 tracks penned by Matthew Thiessen. Relient K was formed in 1998 in Canton, Ohio, by Thiessen and Matt Hoopes. The band has reached critical success with mainstream pop, punk and alternative rock while incorporating piano and acoustic elements. Since its formation, Relient K has released nine studio albums, seven EPs, two Christmas albums, and one collection of rarities. The band has sold over 3 million records, with two albums being give gold certification and one album platinum by the RIAA. Tracks: Bummin' Local Construction Mrs. Hippopotamuses Cat Man Air For Free God Elephant Parade Mountaintop Sleepin' Empty House Flower Marigold Runnin' Prodigal Heartache

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