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Bickle, Mike

Abiding in Love: Experiencing the Heart of God



The Father plans to to fill the earth with His love and calls us to fully participate in this. We were created in God’s image for wholehearted love, which is at the very core of God’s being. Many know that Jesus commanded us to abide in His love, but few fully realize what this means, how to achieve it, or that our lives will be transformed when we live in the understanding of this truth. Abiding in God’s love is the sure way to experiencing a fulfilling and fruitful life.

In this 12-part series based on Jesus’ teaching in John 14 and 15, Mike Bickle gives insight into five distinct expressions of the love that has burned in God’s heart for all eternity, expounding on the love that exists within the Godhead and overflows to us, His people.



12-Part Series from 2013

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