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A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare

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Take Him to the streets!

Equipping you for prophetic evangelism and fighting the supernatural forces of darkness through sharing the Gospel, healing the sick, and casting out demons.

Ghost hunters, paranormal research teams, and the like - your television and the Internet are flooded with the supernatural captured on video. But are they actually ghosts you are seeing? Are demons real? Can people be possessed by demonic spirits?

Jesus left believers with authority over the supernatural that very few Christians are equipped to call upon. The Bible tells us we are a kingdom of priests who have the power to call for supernatural healing from Heaven, raise the dead, and drive out demons.


On the streets we have encountered demonic oppression and possession, witnessed deliverance and miraculous physical healings. My wife, Lisa, and I have prayed for more than 100 cases of demonic oppression with demonic manifestation. We have a powerful prayer ministry intercessor team that offensively engages the enemy in cases of demonic possession and battles with the occult. Michael Norton

You can join the M16 Ministry team as they open the door and show you firsthand how to be a prophetic evangelist, healer, and warrior by cooperating with the Holy Spirit in taking the Mark 16 commission - sharing the Gospel, healing the sick, and casting out demons - to the streets.


313 pages

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