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Jesus 360° (Chinese)

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  • By: Lim, Daniel
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This book is meant to be a devotional companion, a prayer guide, and an appetizer to the larger context of the book of Revelation. Contrary to popular perceptions, the book of Revelation is not primarily about the revelation of judgments of humanity in the last days, but rather a revelation of the beauty of Jesus Christ and His glorious works in the last days. We must know the person of Jesus and His heart before we can understand His glorious works. Many Christians are still unsure about the nature and the purpose of Christ’s works in the last days. In fact, many Christians find the Scriptural revelation of His works in the end-time enigmatic and offensive. Our growth in knowing the Jesus who is to come empowers us to engage in wholehearted participation in Christ’s glorious works in the last days. For this very purpose, this books closely examines the multitude of names and descriptions of Jesus found within John's vision. As you journey through these attributes of your Savior I believe that you will encounter Him in His glory and majesty as your Bridegroom, King, and Judge. 

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