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Into The Wilds: The Dangerous Truth Every Man Needs to Know

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Brent Alan Henderson understands what makes men tick, how to capture and hold their attention, and how to move men to action. It's all about identity. Brent guides men on both a physical and spiritual expedition into the deepest and darkest places on the continent, and, more importantly, into the depths of the masculine soul. Into the Wilds helps men to discover who they really are at their core, while also providing necessary tools to break free from unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

You'll bunk next to Brent as he's stranded in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness with hungry brown bears circling his tent. You'll ride along as storms and riptides thrash his rubber Zodiac, trying to dump you both into the icy depths of Cook Inlet. You'll be seated at his campfire on the remote African plains, listening to roaring lions on the hunt. You'll encounter the yellow, glowing eyes of hyenas locked onto your own from just ten feet away and hold your breath as poisonous black mambas and puff adders slither by looking for their next meal. You'll be marooned in the North Pacific Ocean, almost drown multiple times, risk hypothermia, and somehow make the trip back in order to discover how to weather the harsh storms we all face on the home front. 

Brent's firsthand collection of hard-to-top guy stories, along with the lessons learned from surviving his own personal failures and struggles, make Into the Wilds a book that will hold a man's attention from cover to cover. It will awaken the heart, guide you through the wilderness, and equip you to overcome the harsh realities of the unseen and overwhelming forces of life.

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