Unlock Your Identity

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The secret to fulfilling your dreams is unlocking your identityIf you are uncertain about your life?s purpose or discouraged by life?s monotony, don?t despair! You are about to discover your destiny!Over the next 90 days, Bishop T.D. Jakes will lead you on an exciting journey of self-discovery, celebration, and fulfillment. His gentle guidance and insight will equip you with practical tools to reach your destiny.You have been uniquely crafted by God to accomplish His purpose for your life. When you choose to embrace this identity, you will discover the abundant blessings and deep satisfaction that you were created for.These inspiring daily devotions will empower you to…Overcome obstacles to your destinyPrepare for destiny-defining moments Unlock new realms of meaningful livingBuild a powerful legacyRest confidently in your God-given identityWhat are you waiting for? Seize your destiny today!

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