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The Confident Curvy Woman: A Guide to God-Centered, Authentic, Committed Dating Relationships

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  • By: Burgan, Daisy
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Are you ready to press delete on limiting beliefs, negative past experiences, and people who have rejected you and let you down? If you are ready to be the best version of yourself, take the necessary steps, and let yourself be seen for the beautiful amazing woman that you are, this book is for you. Hi, I'm Daisy, I'm a Christ-Follower, and I've been married for 11 years. I dated online and in person as a curvy, plus-sized woman, and met my husband as a curvy, plus-sized woman. During these years I have spent countless hours listening to, and talking with women about their dating lives. So, I decided it was time to tell my story. There are three non-negotiables to Godly dating relationships. To have the relationship that one truly desires. These three attributes had to be in place: God-Centered, Authentic, and Committed. God-Centered: A foundation in Jesus for a healthy relationship. Authentic: Be authentically you and find someone who is authentically themselves, because putting up a facade is exhausting, and will have the opposite of it’s intended effect. Committed: a relationship with someone who will be there through the good days and bad days, not looking for a way out whenever it is convenient for them. This book is a guide filled with bible based truth from someone who has been there, and is ready to encourage in your journey. 

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