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Victorious In Love EP

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  • By: Alexandria, Lauren
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Victorious in Love is IHOPKC worship leader Lauren Alexandria’s first solo project. The five original songs on the EP find Lauren glorifying Jesus in a worship experience which should resonate with many across the body of Christ. Lauren was first featured, in 2016, on Forerunner Music’s Love Makes Us Strong, the eighth in the Onething Live series.

In this project, we find songs that mix the influences of the prayer room with the experience of Nashville producer Ben Shive (Laura Hackett Park, MercyMe, Rend Collective, Sara Groves, etc.) which results in a God-saturated EP.

As a graduate of the Forerunner Music Academy at International House of Prayer University and a current worship leader in the Global Prayer Room, Lauren has given herself to a journey of seeking first the Lord. Her prayer is that all who listen to the project would feel likewise.

Oh, that we would live a life of worship 
That He may find us shouting praises in the valleys, 
And when He calls us away to those mountains, 
It is the very heart of worship that picks up that cross, 
Grabs His hand, and leans into His strength, 
With thanksgiving on our lips, and joy in our hearts. 
He is our great hope, and fear has no place—
Yes by yes, choice by choice, step by step—
With a song of His love in our hearts, 
We will conquer every mountain, 
We will be victorious.

Track List:

  • MP3 Download - All Tracks - $5.99
  • MP3 Download - Track 1 - Flood My Soul - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 2 - Clean Hands - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 3 - Found - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 4 - Unknown Places - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 5 - Victorious in Love - $1.29
  • CD - $6.99

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