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Creative Church Handbook Releasing the Power of the Arts in Your Congregation

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If the future is creative, is it any wonder that sometimes the church seems stuck in the past?,,Now is the time for the church to reclaim its role as a center of creativity. Among your members are artists, musicians and other creatives whose gifts can enhance your worship, inform your theology and impact your community. Christian arts advocate J. Scott McElroy gives a comprehensive vision and manual for unleashing creativity in your congregation so you can connect with the more visual, aural, participatory and expressive generation that is rising up within the church today.,,In this handbook you'll find clear direction for:,,Mobilizing and managing artists and other creatives in your congregation,Establishing structures and parameters for arts ministry,Leading and supporting staff and church members in creative changes,Enhancing the worship service,Adding creative elements to your sermons,Engaging the broader community,Activate your church in every avenue of worship with this practical guide for arts ministry.

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