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Knowing the Biblical Signs of the Times

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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This 11-part series covers what Jesus, the apostles, and OT prophets taught about the prophetic events and trends that are foretold in the Scripture. There is only one generation in which all the positive and negative signs and trends will occur (Mt. 24:33). The most significant prophetic trends are occurring now together for the first time on a global level. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for not discerning “the signs of times” related to His first coming (Mt. 16:1-4) and told them that their unresponsiveness to God was related to them not knowing “the time of their visitation” (Lk. 19:42-44).


11-Part series from 2016:

01 - Overview of the Signs of the Times

02 - Biblical Signs of the Times Related to Israel

03 - Positive Spiritual Sign Trends in the Church

04 - Negative Spiritual Sign Trends in the Church and Society

05 - The Big Picture: Three Time Frames in the End Times

06 - The Birth Pains: 15 Trends (Mt. 24:1-14)

07 - Biblical Trends Related to Gentile Nations

08 - Being Strengthened to Stand in Victory in the End Times (Lk. 21:36)

09 - Biblical Trends Related to Globalization (Dan. 12:4)

10 - Learn the Parable of the Fig Tree (Mt. 24.32-36)

11 - How Then Shall We Live? Three Parables (Mt. 24-25)

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