Journey Of The Wise Men w/Dolls

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Seekers on the Sill presents a new classic to enjoy with your family this holiday season. The Journey of the Wise Men tells the tale of Caspar, Melchior (mel-cure), and Balthazar. With gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, these wise men embark on a journey to meet a special Child who is about to be born...but will they make it in time? This delightful rhyming tale is written by Ashley Hodge. Children's book illustrator, Marina Saumell's beautiful, glowing images will take you along on the wise men's 2,000 year old journey. This gift set includes hardcover book and three bendable, poseable wooden wise men dolls. We hope you enjoy this new classic during the holiday season, and throughout the whole year. Put some play in your holiday!

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