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One King: A Jesus-Centered Answer to the Question of Zion and the People of God

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  • By: Whitefield, Samuel
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Few subjects have been more controversial throughout history than Israel. Some say her significance ended in the first century, but if God is finished with the Jewish people, how has Israel miraculously reemerged as a state after two millennia of dispersion? Why is the rage of nations, ideologies, and religions aimed ultimately at the destruction of this group of people once predicted to bless the whole earth? And how is the church supposed to relate to a modern, secular Israel in these intensifying times? Who constitutes the true people of God - Israel,or followers of Jesus?

As the controversy around Israel increases, anti-Semitism rises, and the gospel mission to every people group nears completion, the global church will be forced to answer these questions. We must understand both the original Old Testament gospel mandate and exactly how the first coming of Jesus dramatically shifted redemptive history. The New Testament teaches that Gods promises to both Israel and the nations will be fulfilled by One King - Jesus. Discover God's Jesus-centered solution to the conundrum of history and answer to the question, What is true Zion, and who are the people of God?


237 pages


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