Johnson, Bill

God Is Good: He's Better Than You Think


God is better than we it?s time to change the way we think about Him.?God is good.? More than a positive thought, theological concept or Biblical statement?what you do with these three words defines your reality and determines your destiny.In a world of fear, disease, crisis, torment, uncertainty, and hopelessness, what you believe about God?s goodness reveals how you will respond to the trials and circumstances of everyday life. Your view of God impacts everything!Respected pastor and bestselling author, Bill Johnson presents a new groundbreaking book that calls readers to build their lives on one unshakeable foundation: the assurance that God is good.Through revelatory insights and powerful supernatural stories, this landmark message will show you how to:clearly discern the difference between the will of God and the enemy?s plans.confidently pray for breakthrough, believe for miracles, and have faith for God to move, no matter what comes against Heaven?s perspective on tragedy, loss, pain, natural disasters, sickness, and other difficultiespartner with God to release supernatural solutions to a world in crisis.Build your life on the solid foundation of God?s goodness and experience new realms of supernatural thinking that bring Heaven to Earth, changing the atmosphere around you!


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