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Standing Firm Through the Great Apostasy

  • By: Gallagher, Steve
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From the outset, the implications of this book are terrifying. In this thorough, and sometimes disquieting, investigation of the biblical predictions, the Great Apostasy emerges, not as a foreboding future event, but as the very essence of today's postmodern Church.

Like tares in the wheat field, false adherents are presently growing up alongside true believers. But how will we know them? What are the distinguishing qualities of these apostate confessors? 

This is where Steve Gallagher is at his best. By mining the treasure-laden writings of past centuries and carefully examining the sacred Scriptures, he exposes the prevailing self-centeredness, widespread sensuality, and rebellion to authority that epitomizes this false part of the Body. 

Be prepared for your perspective of the End Times Church to be forever changed.

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