Perkins, John M.

With Justice for All: A Strategy for Community Development


"I am persuaded that the Church, as the steward of this gospel, holds the key to justice in our society. Either justice will come through us or it will not come at all."
John Perkins's optimistic view of justice becoming a reality starts and ends with the Church.

With Justice for All is Perkins's invitation to live out the gospel in a way that brings good news to the poor and liberty to the oppressed. This invitation is extended to every racial and ethnic group to be reconciled to one another, to work together to make our land all God wants it to be.

It is a blueprint, a practical strategy, for the work of biblical justice in our time. In an age of changing demographics, where the need to break the cycle of poverty is starring many of us in the face, Perkins offers hope through practical ministry principles that work.

This outstanding resource includes reflection questions for personal or group study as well as interactive sessions for groups to participate in activities together.


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