Let It Echo: Live In Sacramento, CA. 2015

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Recorded live at Jesus Culture Church in Sacramento, this latest live album captures the heart of a community seeking after Jesus with a desire to know Him more and to see this passion spread from cities to nations. The new album and 9th live recording from Jesus Culture includes 12 new songs featuring Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, and more.,TRACK LISTING,01. Never Gonna Stop Singing (feat. Kim Walker-Smith),02. Fierce (feat. Chris Quilala),03. Alive In You (feat. Kim Walker-Smith),04. In The River (feat. Kim Walker-Smith),05. Let It Echo (Heaven Fall) (feat. Chris Quilala),06. God With Us (feat. Bryan Torwalt),07. Miracles (feat. Chris Quilala),08. Set Me Ablaze (feat. Katie Torwalt),09. Everything And Nothing Less (feat. Chris McClarney),10. In Your Presence (feat. Kim Walker-Smith),11. I Stand In Awe (feat. Chris Quilala),12. Power In The Cross (feat. Derek Johnson)

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