Stark, Corey

Jesus Christ: The Glorious Son of Man (MP3 Series)


The primary battlefront of our day surrounds the truth of who Jesus Christ really is. So important is the answer to this question that our individual maturity and victory, as well as that of the global Church’ is dependent upon having a correct understanding of this truth and is the very foundation upon which the Church is to be built (Mt. 16:13-19). There is no one like Jesus! He is the only unique person to be both fully God and fully Man forever! As the glorious “Son of Man”, Jesus is not only the highest revelation of God to us, revealing all of the fullness and perfection of the Godhead, but He is also the highest revelation of Man to us as well! As the “Son of Man”, Jesus is the ideal Man, ultimately fulfilling all of God’s original design and intention for man to be created in His image and likeness, taking global dominion and finally subduing the earth unto the Father’s will forever! In this two-part series, experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as we explore fifty-two of the most glorious truths surrounding Jesus’ identity as the Son of Man found in Revelation chapter one. Track Listing: 1. The Primary Battlefront of Our Day 2. Understanding the Glorious Son of Man (Rev. 1)


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